Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Highland Road BREC Park Observatory Fieldtrip

On Tuesday, February 26th, we had a fieldtrip at the Highland Road BREC Park Observatory.

First we started off with a powerpoint presentation about the sun and the moon including solar flares and sunspots, lunar craters and maria.
 photo 4x6-0313056_zps45c9cc2a.jpg photo 4x6-0313057_zps08f8564f.jpg  photo 4x6-0313058_zps504196e1.jpg photo 4x6-0313059_zpsae2a2a8c.jpg photo 4x6-0313060_zpsbf94cf3e.jpg
After the presentation, we broke into 2 groups. One group toured the observatory and looked the telescope outside to see a solar viewing while the other group made a planisphere (star map).

Our group making the planisphere.
 photo 4x6-0313061_zps402dabfe.jpg photo 4x6-0313064_zpsa3b3b7b9.jpg  photo 4x6-0313063_zps704dc4ab.jpg photo 4x6-0313065_zps55f366ab.jpg photo 4x6-0313066_zpsd30cd664.jpg photo 4x6-0313067_zps99c8cf9f.jpg
Our group with the completed planispheres
 photo 4x6-0313069_zps9ff4ae4b.jpg
The other group working on theirs.
 photo 4x6-0313073_zps862887ad.jpg
Touring the telescope room
 photo 4x6-0313072_zpse108db71.jpg photo 4x6-0313079_zps963bd349.jpg
The dome runs on a track so that they can point the telescope in whatever direction they need too without opening the whole roof.
 photo 4x6-0313075_zps33b4d158.jpg photo 4x6-0313078_zps2ac21b02.jpg  photo 4x6-0313080_zps59f02e19.jpg
Looking through the telescope at the sun...We were able to see sun spots. It basically looked like a circle with 3 black dots. At first, I couldn't see anything but then realized that was all it was. The worker kept having to adjust the telescope because the earth kept moving!
 photo 4x6-0313081_zps19e3be53.jpg photo 4x6-0313083_zps077f0710.jpg photo 4x6-0313084_zpsdf9ddbd9.jpg photo 4x6-0313085_zps47b53f10.jpg photo 4x6-0313087_zpsc544510f.jpg photo 4x6-0313086_zps1e6c4213.jpg

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Miriam & Melody's Musical Party

For the girls' birthday party, I wanted to have a musical theme because of Melody's name and because Miriam in the Bible led the Israelite women out with a song and tambourine (Exodus 15:20-21). I came up with the idea to make a cd as the birthday invitation. I looked up lyrics on a Christian lyrics site to find songs that had the word "melody" in it. So the title of the cd ended up being "Miriam's Melody."
 photo photo1_zpsd069b2f6.jpg photo photo2_zps4b034bbe.jpg photo photo3_zps89f7784a.jpg

I always try to make the food match my theme for the party.

Jambalaya - because of the song "Jamabalaya" but after the party Luke told me that I had it because it had "jam" in it. White beans - beans, beans, the "musical fruit"
 photo 4x6-0313033_zps47b54bb5.jpg photo 4x6-0313032_zpsbf59053c.jpg
Bugles and symphony bars
 photo 4x6-0313031_zps43080690.jpg photo 4x6-0313030_zpsfcaa8e83.jpg
Kitkat keyboard - I saw this idea on the internet. I used the white chocolate and dark chocolate kitkats. We even had 88 keys.  photo 4x6-0313018_zps943864d7.jpg

The solfege table...you know DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI, DO!
DO-ritos, RE-zins (chocolate & yogurt raisins), MI-so dip with "bell" peppers, FA-lafel chips with "hum"mus
 photo 4x6-0313021_zps01b442c5.jpg photo 4x6-0313022_zps6028feb1.jpg photo 4x6-0313023_zpsdb43200e.jpg photo 4x6-0313024_zpsb3f035fa.jpg  photo 4x6-0313025_zps297ee307.jpg photo 4x6-0313026_zpsbf3197c5.jpg photo 4x6-0313029_zpscf927b3f.jpg photo 4x6-0313019_zpsfde42170.jpg
Mini chocolate cupcakes shaped like a musical note and Melody's cake shaped like a quarter note because it gets "1" beat and sprinkled with candy pearls because her middle name is Pearl.
 photo 4x6-0313034_zps59c698dd.jpg photo 4x6-0313036_zps97a10324.jpg
We made the microphone cupcakes into the shape of a "7" for Miriam.
 photo 4x6-0313037_zps7a23f74d.jpg photo 4x6-0313040_zpscce47bb9.jpg
Melody with her cake and big sister Micah blew out the candle for her
 photo 4x6-0313039_zpsabed89dd.jpg photo 4x6-0313041_zps4d18f791.jpg
Melody wasn't too interested in her cake. I don't think she liked the texture of the pearls.
 photo 4x6-0313042_zps8e75911c.jpg photo 4x6-0313043_zps1d215ed8.jpg photo 4x6-0313044_zps17ed5ee0.jpg photo 4x6-0313045_zps346062a0.jpg photo 4x6-0313046_zpsfbb45130.jpg
Some other random shots
 photo 4x6-0313051_zpsbe4ab8af.jpg photo 4x6-0313053_zps3a9ad69e.jpg photo 4x6-0313055_zps118f7877.jpg
I need to hire a photographer for the party because by the time the party comes around I'm too tired to take pictures. I just want to visit and fellowship with everyone that's at the party. So my pictures were not that great! I guess I just need to take them before everyone gets there.

At least Ms Sherry took some of the party too

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