Thursday, August 13, 2009

About Us

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Candi is:

  • Forgiven & Saved
  • married to Craig
  • a stay at home"school" mom to Luke, Cameron, Miriam, Levi & Micah
  • the daughter of Rick & Zelda
  • the sister of Laura & Sara
  • known for doing crafts & planning birthday parties
  • a technology geek (blogs, Facebook, twitter)
  • a former computer programmer
  • a LSU graduate & former employee
  • a wanna-be photographer
  • a long-time member of Parkview Baptist Church
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Craig is:
  • married to me
  • a dad to Luke, Cameron, Miriam, Levi & Micah
  • the son of Jerry & the late Carolyn
  • the brother of Chris, Lee & the late Ann
  • an engineer at Jacobs Engineering
  • a HUGE sports fan
  • a season-ticket holder to LSU home football games
  • a teacher at heart
  • a member of the praise team at PBC
  • an alumnus of Louisiana Tech

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 Luke is:

  • our firstborn
  • also known as Grasshopper or G-Hopper
  • a Know-it-all
  • a miniature Craig
  • a sports fan
  • best friends with Tate of the Shelbys
  • 6 and in the 2nd grade
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Cameron is:

  • our 2nd born
  • also known as Cameron Bob, Cam Bob, or C-Bob
  • a lover of Star Wars, guns & "fighting game"
  • a ladies man
  • the only one of our kids that doesn't have a Biblical first name
  • 5 and in Kindergarten

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Miriam is:
  • our 3rd born and first daughter
  • also known as Girlie Girlie
  • a lover of pink, princess stuff, bows, shoes, and jewelry
  • a little princess with a BIG attitude!
  • 3

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Levi is:
  • our 4th born
  • a Mama's boy
  • also known as a Klingon - see above
  • a lover of "Boo"dog
  • 2

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Micah is:

  • our 5th born
  • currently the baby
  • content if she has her 2 fingers
  • starting to make trouble
  • 1


Jenn said...

Love the new pictures of the kiddos!! Can't wait to read more on this "about us" page!!

Amy said...

Ok, you've been playing around with your blog again. Where do you get time to do this???? I getting a little jealous;)

Chelle said...

I like it! A neat way to learn about your family. Thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

This is sounding great!!! Craig is an engineer at Jacobs I see. Does he do the CAD work?? That is what Jason does out at Shaw Sunland in Walker! He is the Cad supervisor.

Laura said...

You need to update Micah's.... she IS walking now! :)