Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers 6th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

On Thursday, November 14th, we hosted our homeschool Thanksgiving celebration for the 6th year. Because some of our children are getting older, we decided to have rotations for older children and younger children. This was our biggest year yet with a total of 159 actually showing up for the event.

Older Children rotations:

Knot Tying - led by Ken Courville and his dad Mr. Bub Courville
 photo 4x6-1113021_zps1da4ac75.jpg photo 4x6-1113044_zps5503da42.jpg
 photo 4x6-1113017_zps26012f28.jpg photo 4x6-1113008_zps4b971b4f.jpg photo 4x6-1113018_zpsb4f18d01.jpg photo 4x6-1113051_zpsc868fc2e.jpg photo 4x6-1113027_zps9ebf1913.jpg photo 4x6-1113043_zps872e7fb5.jpg

Dipped Candles - led by Sarah Charleston and Anita Christmas
 photo 4x6-1113006_zps735afbb9.jpg photo 4x6-1113041_zpsf7188dbc.jpg  photo 4x6-1113054_zpsb3f58af7.jpg photo 4x6-1113052_zps7cff2400.jpg photo 4x6-1113057_zps5ffb0009.jpg

Navigation Information and making astrolables - led by Laura C-G
 photo 4x6-1113019_zps98119258.jpg photo 4x6-1113048_zps3a1b03dd.jpg  photo 4x6-1113020_zpsbc986fc7.jpg  photo 4x6-1113049_zps68d9de10.jpg photo 4x6-1113050_zps1b0ba1b9.jpg

Younger Children Rotations

Mayflower History and hand print Mayflowers - led by Melissa DeVeer
 photo 4x6-1113011_zps434f42bc.jpg photo 4x6-1113058_zps0062ad2e.jpg  photo 4x6-1113014_zps4acc1836.jpg  photo 4x6-1113002_zpsc9857360.jpg photo 4x6-1113003_zpse94e5776.jpg photo 4x6-1113045_zps12022f4a.jpg

Poured Votive Candles - led by Penny Boudreaux and Selena Courville
 photo 4x6-1113004_zps22fa0b3b.jpg photo 4x6-1113016_zps0edc341f.jpg photo 4x6-1113023_zps2d201948.jpg  photo 4x6-1113024_zps6977b9a4.jpg photo 4x6-1113025_zps26197984.jpg photo 4x6-1113026_zps1e3b7b46.jpg photo 4x6-1113046_zps55843985.jpg
Foam Mayflower craft - led by Rachel Petersdownloadable template
 photo 4x6-1113005_zpsb6076cb9.jpg photo 4x6-1113055_zpsd409bc7c.jpg photo 4x6-1113028_zps726e0766.jpg  photo 4x6-1113029_zpse386ba1f.jpg  photo 4x6-1113013_zps17108970.jpg photo 4x6-1113030_zps3bd332b2.jpg photo 4x6-1113040_zpsc54401a5.jpg  photo 4x6-1113037_zps74da63d1.jpg photo 4x6-1113033_zps9781faea.jpg photo 4x6-1113034_zps5030a557.jpg
Colonial Living and Butter Making - led by Kristie Stone
I only got 1 picture from this station because it didn't last as long as the other ones so most times I walked by the kids were already playing
 photo 4x6-1113007_zpsc8da33bf.jpg photo 4x6-1113047_zps397ed568.jpg

After all the rotations, we had our Thanksgiving lunch. I only got a picture of this cute dessert.
 photo 4x6-1113059_zps5a14e655.jpg
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

ISO Flag Football 2013 Highlights

Levi played for the Bengals this year in the 1st grade league.
 photo 4x6-1013010_zps95ec10ff.jpg photo 4x6-1013011_zps35d96eae.jpg photo 4x6-1013016_zps27ce11b2.jpg  photo 4x6-1013179_zpscedf5b4a.jpg  photo 4x6-1013222_zps1f8fa43d.jpg photo 4x6-1013236_zps8f4507d5.jpg photo 4x6-1013250_zps84a39e29.jpg photo 4x6-1013305_zpse0759758.jpg
Luke & Cameron played for the Giants in the 4th and 5th grade league and were coached by Daddy.
 photo 4x6-1013045_zpsc8297658.jpg photo 4x6-1013052_zps0f0d4a52.jpg photo 4x6-1013058_zps61745dff.jpg  photo 4x6-1013055_zps18bbb9a0.jpg  photo 4x6-1013187_zps0264895b.jpg photo 4x6-1013201_zps3d99c5a7.jpg photo 4x6-1013202_zps091dd8a1.jpg  photo 4x6-1013209_zps954ffe13.jpg photo 4x6-1013211_zps04d0fc37.jpg photo 4x6-1013214_zps8e1e6326.jpg photo 4x6-1013217_zpsfa77cb32.jpg  photo 4x6-1013258_zps3a507e65.jpg photo 4x6-1013259_zps2a307b99.jpg photo 4x6-1013262_zpsef028b34.jpg  photo 4x6-1013265_zps5a162a25.jpg photo 4x6-1013272_zpsedaa47b2.jpg  photo 4x6-1013280_zpsbb9085f3.jpg photo 4x6-1013285_zpsf13def73.jpg photo 4x6-1013289_zps3d5ce9ce.jpg photo 4x6-1013291_zps50917d15.jpg  photo 4x6-1013314_zps034a4e4d.jpg photo 4x6-1013317_zps46147248.jpg photo 4x6-1013319_zps523c3118.jpg photo 4x6-1013324_zpsbe2e9d9d.jpg photo 4x6-1013325_zpsadc42e49.jpg
Fan highlights
 photo 4x6-1013049_zpsc4a00422.jpg photo 4x6-1013329_zpsa94bc402.jpg  photo 4x6-1013352_zpsa43dd5e5.jpg photo 4x6-1013268_zps0d14b4d0.jpg
End of Season Celebration
 photo 4x6-1013354_zps17711c7f.jpg