Friday, January 29, 2010

LSU FETI Fieldtrip

Yesterday, we took a fieldtrip to the LSU Fire and Emergency Training Institute (FETI).
4x6-0110 1688 4x6-0110 1664 4x6-0110 1605
First we watched a video set to music.  The video showed different shots taken during the academy.
4x6-0110 1565 4x6-0110 1569
Then 4 recruits did a 2-minute drill where they had 2 minutes to get all of their gear on.  Afterwards, the kids were allowed to talk to the firemen dressed in their gear and to check it out.  The captain told them not to be afraid of them even though they sounded like Darth Vader.
4x6-0110 1580 4x6-0110 1583 4x6-0110 1584 4x6-0110 1587
4x6-0110 1581 4x6-0110 1582
Some of the equipment we saw around the complex.
4x6-0110 1657 4x6-0110 1596 4x6-0110 1597

4x6-0110 1599

 4x6-0110 1683 4x6-0110 1691
Walking to the area where we could watch a burn that they were putting out
4x6-0110 1598 

On the way there I saw this
4x6-0110 1603
4x6-0110 1604
We got to watch the burn from a couple of different angles.
4x6-0110 1601 4x6-0110 1608 4x6-0110 16104x6-0110 1615 4x6-0110 1638 4x6-0110 16414x6-0110 1645 4x6-0110 1646 4x6-0110 16494x6-0110 1659
Standing around watching the burn and talking with the firemen
4x6-0110 1609 4x6-0110 1614 4x6-0110 1621 4x6-0110 16234x6-0110 1624 4X6-0110 1627 4x6-0110 1632 4x6-0110 1636  4x6-0110 1618 4x6-0110 1658 4x6-0110 1651
Miriam and Cai are helping direct the firetruck as it drove past our group
4x6-0110 1654
Cade – always the great big brother!
4x6-0110 1606 4x6-0110 1622 4x6-0110 1640
Miriam decided to walk backwards as we headed back to the front
4x6-0110 1675
Walking back to the front to ride the firetrucks
4x6-0110 1676
Do you see Abram?
4x6-0110 1692
Luke rode in the red one and Miriam & Cameron rode in the LSU one
Then Miriam, Levi, Micah and I rode in the LSU one on the last trip around the complex.
4x6-0110 1695 4x6-0110 1712
4x6-0110 1697 4x6-0110 1709 4x6-0110 1710  4x6-0110 1700 4x6-0110 1721 4x6 DSC_2241
Thanks to the captains and their recruits for a great fieldtrip!
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