Friday, January 30, 2009

Baton Rouge Zoo

Today we went to the Baton Rouge Zoo with the playgroup from 1st Baptist.
Luke & Cameron racing while we're waiting for others to arrive
Of course, she's smiling :)

Luke showing me where Louisiana is on the world map...
the world spins all around so it's upside down

There's lots of work being down around to the zoo to make improvements.
I thought this sign was funny!

The siamang gibbons were very vocal today.
I wanted to get a better picture of them, but this one was cool with the reflection.

Miriam was very interested in this dik dik.

Luke wanted to take a picture in front of this flamingo statue...
they're trying to stand like flamingos...that's why Miriam's looking down...
she's trying to lift her leg :)
so sweet
had to show you again with her bear ears

Cameron had my camera after lunch
I told him to take pictures of these berries...he did a pretty good job don't you think

Cameron took this one too...
reminds me of Tracy's "Get Shooting" post

This giraffe was out by the ditch and close to the fence

had to take one in front of the giraffe, because they're Daddy's favorite
caught this one about to sit down
it looks like he's praying :)

one last time

look at those kids...I mean groundhogs!
brushing the goats
Levi kept calling them "dog"

I wish he would have had his tail feathers up
of course, we had to ride the train
(the one that's been there since I was a kid and has a lawn mower motor as Craig calls it)
waiting for the train to start
holding their ears because they don't want to hear the whistle

Levi...holding tight to his "boo"dog and cup
Micah playing with my camera strap
This one turned out decent considering...
I was holding her in my lap on the train with Levi & Miriam next to me
and I think I took it holding the camera upside down
view from the animals :)
turned out good ... I just held my camera out and pushed the button
maybe I should take all of them this way...LOL :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Boys...

...will be boys
Notice Levi is riding down the hill in the Tonka truck!

Weigh-in Wednesday - #4

I seemed to make better choice when eating out (except for desserts...I just needed something sweet!) However, I didn't do as well at snacking during the kids nap time. Monday & Tuesday I caught myself binging.

Still not big on the exercising...We were out of town last weekend so we took our kids to the zoo and went shopping at the outlet mall...Does that count? We're planning on going to the Y sometime this week to play tennis. I need to do the Wii boxing again when the kids are napping instead of snacking.

Desserts...I always want something sweet after I eat...Guess I need to find good healthier alternatives!

Made better choices when eating out

Plans for next week
Exercise, cut back on sweets

174 - so obviously not good...up 2 lbs, but I know weight fluctuates alot anyways. Thanks to Joy who reminded me yesterday that everyday is a new day!

Are you trying to lose weight, change some dietary habits, or just eat healthier? Join the moms at Happy to be @ Home to weigh-in with the details of your week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing at the Wimberlys

After our fieldtrip to the animal hospital, we went to the Wimberlys to eat lunch and play. We brought the kids lunch and Mrs. Gina graciously fixed chili and pasta salad for the moms & dad.

Eating their picnic lunch
Luke & Cade playing foosball
Levi sharing goldfish with Emma

The kids enjoying playing in this ditch...especially the boys

Emma wiping Micah's face...
I guess she needed her face wiped after Emma gave her some pb&j sandwich
It was Hannah & Ian's birthday so Mrs. Gina made them a cake

Levi & Cameron playing foosball

I kept trying to take a candid shot of Abram playing the R2D2 game...
but he kept looking at me and smiling

playing in the ditch
Don't shoot!

Levi sliding
Miriam sliding

Cameron sliding

Hannah, Cade, Abram, Ian, & Luke playing foosball

Big Micah & Little Micah

What a great help! She rocked her to sleep :)