Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Geaux Tigers! Eat mor Chikin!

Today, we're going to see LSU play Georgia Tech in the Chick-fil-A bowl at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Wordless Wednesday - trip down memory lane - 1st Christmas

Micah - 2008

Levi - 2007

Miriam - 2006

Cameron - 2004

Luke - 2003

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Monroe/Arkansas

Miriam taking a bath in the blue bathtub at Paw's house
because it was her turn to be sick with the stomach bug :(
she threw up in the van on the way to Monroe
1st time in 5 years for that to happen
notice the blue bathtub

Carolyn & Luke in the helmets visiting at GG's house

Earlean & Levi wearing the Saints helmet

The kids visiting at GG & Earlean's

Cameron & Luke in front of the fountain at the Monroe Civic Center

The kids laughing at Aunt Ann's

visiting at Aunt Ann's & Uncle Leo's in Arkansas

Carolyn (our niece) & Craig

Aunt Ann wearing the Saints helmet

Craig's Aunt Ann and cousin Terri

Levi on the John Deere tractor...classic Levi

visiting at Aunt Ann's - Luke took this picture

Micah with some of the toys that we got in Monroe
Miriam gave her these to play with - Miriam's doll and Levi's Tigger


I'm finally getting to post my Christmas pictures. We left the day after Christmas to go to Monroe to visit Craig's family and we're leaving tomorrow to go to Auburn/Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A bowl.

On the night before Christmas, Luke said that we needed a real basketball goal like the Shelbys have because our little one kept getting knocked over by the wind. Little did he know...

On Christmas morning, there were new basketballs out and Luke wanted to see if they would fit in our little basketball goal. Of course, they got then I told him to look at this one and see if they would fit.

Luke said he couldn't make it because it was too high...I told him to at least try.
Cameron's try
Levi liked these little snowglobes things that were in their stockings...notice he has 3 of them

Levi didn't feel good that morning....he went to bed during breakfast...
notice he has the snowglobe with him in the bed

My "fancy" table setting

Even Micah had a "fancy" place setting :)

Miriam laying on top on Sara's presents

Luke opening his new Bible

Luke reading the Christmas story from Luke 2

Micah is eyeing Uncle Eric's stack of presents

Luke with his new LSU uniform

Miriam with her new pink camera

"Pwincess" Miriam - gotta love her shoes!

Luke & PawPaw playing football

Princess Miriam playing with all her pink girlie stuff...
I gave her my pink purse to put all her stuff in
Cameron with his new Saints uniform
Aunt Sara & Cameron

Levi feeling better...
of course after he threw up on me and my recliner and took a long nap
Micah and ZeeZee taking a Christmas nap

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread house

Our friends, the Landrys, gave us a Gingerbread House kit for Christmas. We decided to do it after supper.

Decorating the different pieces
My Uncle Brian even helped!

Of course, all Cameron wanted to do was eat the candy!

Luke with the side that he decorated

Of course PawPaw had to help build it :)

Trying to get it to stay together

PawPaw had the magic touch

This morning when Cameron saw the box he said
it was where the Gingerbread man went to church because it had 2 doors.