Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today I was dusting our computer armoire and decided to do some spring fall cleaning and I went through all the cds that were in it.  I finally found the cd that had all our old digital pictures.  When our old computer was running out of space, I burned all our pictures from 2000-2005 onto a cd.  I’ve looked for the cd numerous times, but never found it….but today I did!  YAY!  I wasn’t in that much of a panic, because Laura had most of these on her computer…since she took most of them.  However, she didn’t have any of the ones from when we were childless…go figure!  So I love I would share some with you.


2000 – our 1st picture together
2001 - honeymoon
2002 – Valentine’s weekend
2003 – going home with Luke
2004 – Luke & Cameron
2005 – swimming at the Kilowatt Klub
June2005 074

Family Tree

In our study of the middle ages, we learned that that this is the time when surnames (last names) were started.  It was suggested that we make a family tree so I used part of this free template from this scrapbooking site.

I let Luke & Cameron write the names.
  4x6-0909 2114 4x6-0909 2115

I let Miriam and Levi pick out the leaves to use.
4x6-0909 21174x6-0909 2118

Luke cutting out one of the plagues for the top

4x6-0909 21194x6-0909 2120Finished product

4x6-0909 2127

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”4x6-0909 2129I added the aunts, uncles, and cousins later, because when we were making the names…they wanted to add Aunt Laura, Uncle Eric, and Uncle Chris.

4x6-0909 2131  4x6-0909 2128

Friday, September 25, 2009


This week in our Tapestry of Grace study we learned about the rise of Islam.  One of the suggested activities was to make a scimitar (a traditional curved sword).  This is very representative of Islamic culture.  Many Islamic countries have this symbol or the crescent (scimitar) moon on their flags


I used this picture to print out a template to make our scimitars out of cardboard.  Then I had them color them gray with a marker.4x6-0909 1987 4x6-0909 19884x6-0909 19904x6-0909 19914x6-0909 19924x6-0909 1996    4x6-0909 1989

When explaining it to the kids, I told them it was like the swords they have in Aladdin...of course I thought of a Disney movie as my example!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wordless wednesday – floppy heads

Napping on the way home from our beach vacation


4x6-0909 1977

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacation Day 5

On Saturday, we went to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.  We’ve done this almost every year we’ve gone to the beach.  Usually we go see the Blue Angels practice, but they weren’t practicing this week.  However, there was a hands-on activity for the kids so we decided to go.  As an added bonus, they were having a change of command ceremony in the building so we got to witness some of that.  Also since last year, they’ve added a playground.  Our favorite part:  it’s free! Hands-On History:  Kids of all ages were invited to put their hands on history - literally! - by leaving a painted handprint on a T-38 Talon airplane. Micah had it made!

Taking a nap on the way back to Gulf Shores 4x6-0909 1874

Last day at the beach…notice Daddy and Luke aren’t there…it’s Saturday and they’re watching football! So what did everybody else do that night while Luke & Daddy were watching football?  Some of them snuggled up and watched Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  They watched Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade on previous nights.  So now Cameron is Indiana Jones…he’s walking around with a cowboy hat and a whip long piece of rope. He even slept with his "whip"!

4x6-0909 1969

vacation day 4

Beach pictures Micah at the beach Faces of Cameron Bob Miriam at the beach That girl loves some shoes!

My blue-eyed, blond hair boys
4x6-0909 1548My girls

4x6-0909 15414x6-0909 1542

Vacation Day 3

We make a big breakfast each day we’re at the beach…just because I love breakfast food and this is the only time when I can get some.  Thanks to Aunt Laura & Uncle Eric who got up early so we could eat before PawPaw & ZeeZee left to play golf. This morning PawPaw & ZeeZee went to play golf so ZeeZee wanted me to take some pictures before they left. Pool playing


This day I took a “vacation” from the kids and met Tracy in Mobile to do some shooting with my new toy camera.
I'll be using the pictures I took there for my 365 images.


Playing in the water

Miriam & Cameron fighting over the Sprite Zero

Levi at the beach …he reminds me of a little surfer dude with his “spike”

Miriam & Levi walking back to the beach house

Monday, September 21, 2009

vacation day 2

  On Wednesday morning, while they waited for breakfast, Aunt Sara and Cameron using the drawing books that she got him for his birthday.4x6-0909 762 4x6-0909 763 4x6-0909 764 4x6-0909 765

We enjoyed sitting on the back porch with PawPaw & ZeeZee in the mornings.

4x6-0909 776

It’s a wonder she ever learned to walk

4x6-0909 766

but here she is!  Finally!

Pictures from the Beach