Friday, October 30, 2009


We were supposed to learn a craft that they did in the Middle Ages like knitting, crocheting, weaving, or making a tapestry…well I’m not talented like Aunt Sara or Kristal or Nikki…so we just did the paper weaving!

Miriam weaving hers
4x6-1009 2500 4x6-1009 2502 4x6-1009 2503
Levi weaving his Louisiana Tech colors one
4x6-1009 2504 4x6-1009 2506
Cameron wasn’t too interested in doing it
4x6-1009 25094x6-1009 25104x6-1009 2513
Luke did most of the work on his…I just drew the lines where he needed to cut.
4x6-1009 24994x6-1009 2507 4x6-1009 2508    4x6-1009 25154x6-1009 2517
4x6-1009 25164x6-1009 2520 4x6-1009 2521

4x6-1009 25224x6-1009 25254x6-1009 2523

Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Last night we decided to take the kids to the state fair.  Kids under 48” get in free…Luke & Cameron barely were under it…so we only had to pay for the adults.  This was one of the first things you came to.  At first, we just thought it was a statue…but if you walked close to it, then he would reach out and scare you.  The kids were all scared…they didn’t want to walk past it.  That was Craig’s favorite part…it was really funny when he got the adults!

4x6-1009 2421
Then we went to the livestock area where we got to see a bunch of different animals.  
4x6-1009 2423 4x6-1009 2425 4x6-1009 2427    4x6-1009 24294x6-1009 2434
4x6-1009 2435 4x6-1009 2438
Miriam and Luke even milked a cow
4x6-1009 24404x6-1009 24324x6-1009 2433
I don’t know if Levi was scared or amazed by the lights on the rides.
4x6-1009 2446
All of the kids brought $5 from their piggy bank to spend…obviously Levi & Cameron used theirs to buy a light saber.
4x6-1009 2463
4x6-1009 2464 4x6-1009 2468 4x6-1009 2470
Luke & Miriam chose to ride the ferris wheel.
4x6-1009 24714x6-1009 2476 4x6-1009 2478
4x6-1009 2477  4x6-1009 2473
4x6-1009 24724x6-1009 2481 4x6-1009 2482
More light saber fun
4x6-1009 2483 4x6-1009 2485 4x6-1009 2488
And of course, we had to get a funnel cake…we actually got 3 but they were so filling and we didn’t get a drink that we almost brought all of them home.
4x6-1009 2492
It was a good and short time at the fair.  We told the kids that if they want to ride more rides next year that they can save their money to buy a bracelet…and to save enough for Daddy to ride too since they won't be able ride by themselves!
4x6-1009 2495 4x6-1009 2497

Halloween Alternatives

Sunday night we went to the Fall Festival at church.  I told Levi we were going to church to get candy.  When we got there and parked (not in our normal spot), Levi asked if this was the candy house. 

Playing the Fruit of the Spirit game with Mrs. Betty (Cameron’s Sunday school teacher)
4x6-1009 2249
Levi playing the Good Samaritan game and Luke pinning the tail on the lion
4x6-1009 2250 4x6-1009 2251
Micah with Mrs. Amber, her Sunday School teacher…Micah wasn’t so happy about it!
4x6-1009 2253
Luke & Miriam doing the cake walk
4x6-1009 2256
ZeeZee said I had to take a picture of this…Micah would take a bite of hotdog and then she would suck on her sucker
4x6-1009 2257
Miriam playing the game that ZeeZee was working
4x6-1009 2261
Micah enjoying her sucker…look at her shirt!
4x6-1009 2259 4x6-1009 2260
On Tuesday, we went out to LSU for the Boozar where the student athletes pass out candy.
4x6-1009 2362
Cameron grabbed a handful of suckers from Miss Baton Rouge
4x6-1009 2371
Waiting in line for autographs…but more importanly candy!
4x6-1009 2372 4x6-1009 2373
Micah brought her “purse” to put her candy in
4x6-1009 2375
Cameron got another sucker
4x6-1009 2376
Luke walking on the balance beam at the gymnastics station
4x6-1009 2378
The softball team all dressed up…my favorite was Coach Yvette Yvette Girouard dressed as Flavor Flav.
4x6-1009 2381
Putting at the Golf station
4x6-1009 2385 4x6-1009 2388 4x6-1009 2393
As usual, Micah just hung out in the stroller with her 2 fingers.
4x6-1009 2395
Hitting at the tennis station…Luke did pretty good at this one
4x6-1009 2400 4x6-1009 2401 4x6-1009 2404
Luke stood around and wouldn’t get a ball…finally I caught a rebound and gave it to him…He made his first and only shot! 4x6-1009 2406
Then we moved to the track & field station…I think they had fun racing on this one!
4x6-1009 2407
4x6-1009 2408 4x6-1009 2410 4x6-1009 2411 4x6-1009 2413
Levi going to get some candy and we gave Micah some to hold
4x6-1009 2416 4x6-1009 2417

This was the best shot of the night...we went back to the football station since the line wasn't long, but then it was time for it to close. #99 told me we could take a picture if we waited just a little while while they finished the rest of the autographs.

4x6-1009 2418