Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kids Towne Park

We also went to a local park, Kids Towne, while we were in Clinton. Cole really enjoyed swinging in the baby swing with his cousin Elliott. Photobucket

Exploring Nature

Last weekend we went to visit Aunt Laura & Uncle Eric. On Saturday, we went walking on one of the little trails across from their house. Photobucket

Thursday, March 24, 2011

City Park PlayDay

Tuesday some of our homeschool group had a fieldtrip to a local post office. Afterwards, they met at City Park, a newly renovated BREC park, for a picnic lunch and playtime. We're scheduled for the same fieldtrip next week, but we still went to play at the park with the rest of the group. Aunt Sara even got to come play over her lunch break since it was so close to LSU.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Luke’s Birthday

This morning we had chocolate French toast and chocolate milk for breakfast.

Tonight Luke picked Las Palmas for supper because it was kids' night. (Already thinking like a true Lindsay.) The Shelbys were even able to join us.

Happy 8th Birthday Luke!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Luke's Birthday Celebration

Saturday night we went bowling with family and 2 of Luke's friends, Tate & Aidan. Afterwards, we had a quick meal at Burger King because it was getting late.

Miriam’s birthday celebration

Saturday, we (Mommy, Miriam, Micah, Aunt Laura, Aunt Sara & Cole) went to the mall for a girls' day out in honor of Miriam's birthday. We waited to do this until Aunt Laura could come in town. First we went to Claire's and we picked out some jewelry and a purse. Then we went to a nail place that had a pedicure chair just for kids. She got her nails and toenails done. Afterwards, while my toes were still drying she was able to play on the playground for a little while. Then we went to eat lunch at BJ's Brewhouse. ZeeZee bought her lunch and she got to pick whatever she wanted. She chose mini corndogs, smiley face fries, and Sierra Mist. Since it was her birthday, they brought her a pizzookie for dessert.

Upward Awards night

Friday night was the Upward Awards night for basketball. The place was packed so I had to sit in the balcony with the kids while Craig sat with Cameron's team and was in charge of the camera. We're so proud of Luke who received the Most Christlike award for his league (2nd/3rd grade boys). After the awards and entertainment by Jonathan Dupree, the players each received an Upward basketball and there was an icecream social.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Short Trip

Thursday afternoon we drove up to West Monroe to go to the visitation for Craig's MawMaw. Afterwards, we went to eat at Waterfront Grill in Monroe.
The funeral was Friday afternoon. After lunch, we loaded back up and headed back home. We stopped at Uncle Eric's parents to drop Aunt Laura off and to have dinner. (Aunt Laura babysat Micah & Cole while we went to the funeral. Thanks Aunt Laura for sacrificing your time!)

Mr. William took them for a 4-wheeler ride before it got too dark. He also fed Cole some ice cream...can you see his ice cream mustache?
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Afternoon Playing

Saturday afternoon after the LSU game, I went outside to take some pictures while the kids were playing.

I also took a couple of videos

LSU Basketball Game

On Saturday after Luke’s basketball celebration at McD’s, we went to the LSU basketball game.  It was fan day so the tickets were only $5. LSU lost, but it was a fun time to spend together as a family.

Photobucket Miriam enjoyed the music during one of the breaks

Last Upward Games

Saturday was the last basketball games.  It was “Paint Your Face” day.  We just used temporary tattoos instead.  For Luke’s team, I got Cincinatti Bearcat ones and for Cameron’s, I got Minnesota Timberwolves ones.

Photobucket I decided just to capture some video for these games. They both played really hard teams so I didn't get any of them making a basket. However, Cameron got fouled and shot these free throws. It was his last shot of the season. The next period he sat out. After their game, Luke's team had a celebration at McDonald's. The coaches awarded them with trophies, but more importantly they passed out nice little ESV Bibles. The coach told them that they could return them to Lifeway if they already had a Bible. I tried to get Luke to return his since he already has an ESV one, but he wanted to give his new one to Levi since he didn't have one. Photobucket