Monday, August 31, 2009

CAM-O Party

Saturday we had Cameron's 5th birthday party. Here's the invitation that my sister made.

Here's Sara with her camo gear!

Uncle Eric & Aunt Laura

Cameron & Abram...
notice Cameron's CAM-O shirt that Aunt Sara made

Miriam sporting her camo and of!

Planning their line of attack


Micah with her camo cup

Singing happy birthday!
It was my mom's actual birthday so we sang to her too!

Cameron licking the icing off the army man that was in the tank cake

Levi about to enjoy his "camo" cupcake

I remembered after we already sang and the kids had gotten the cupcakes that I hadn't taken a picture of the tank cake...Sara did a great job decorating it!

Cameron with one of his new guns

Cameron hitting the tank pinata

Because the tank was so full of candy, the loop to hang it up broke....I just let some of the little ones use the pull Craig is shaking out the candy collecting candy
Later on...some started a football game

Touchdown! Great catch Isaac!

I thought this one turned out cool!

PawPaw tackling Ian

Craig planning out their next play...
he's "drawing" it on Tate's shirt
Inside the huddle

Look at PawPaw go

Next down

He told them to raise their hand if they were open

Miriam & Emma enjoying some of the party favors

Levi & Miriam playing with the party favors

I didn't do so well with the pictures...I couldn't get my setting right and I forgot to take pictures of a lot of things. We stay up so late the night before the party getting ready that I'm usually worn out before the party starts and I just want to sit and visit. I hope some of my other "shooters" got some better ones.


Tracy said...

Cute party! Loved all the Cam-o!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! Loved the cake!

Amy said...

I think you got some great pics. I wasn't in a great picture taking mood either especially since I took over 100 earlier in the day at our other happening for the day. I haven't looked at them yet. Haven't had time to get to those things. Would like to do a post on both events from Saturday but had a busy day and school took longer due to some attitudes!!! Of course tomorrow is busy for both us again so sometime soon. Maybe I got some descent shots.

Jenn said...

These are great pics girl! I love the first pic of Micah with her camo cup...her nose is squished up and looks so CUTE!!! The football pic is awesome too. Looks like you are looking in a tunnel or something. Weird but neat!!

joelle said...

This looks like you guys had lots of fun. Love the cake!