Monday, April 19, 2010

PACT – Cooking with Richard

Friday night, we had a PACT (Parents & Children Together) event at church. Our church started these events to minister to the families whose children attend Parkview Preschool, but don't attend our church. If these families don't have a church home, we're hoping that getting them involved will make them more comfortable to visit our church.

The event this time was "Cooking with Richard", who is our cook for church events. Each person got to make their own personal pan pizza. Each person was given a piece of foil to write their name on. Then we got a crust and a cup of pizza sauce to spread out. We were given cheese and pepperonis for our toppings. While the pizza was baking, the kids played with play dough and there was a competition to try to make the best pizza out of the playdough. After the pizzas cooled and were cut, they were passed back out and everyone ate. It was a great night!

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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Looks like fun...did any parents come that don't attend the church? I will pray the Lord will draw these parents unto Him.