Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter day

It's been our tradition to take pictures with the Shelbys. It's getting harder and harder to take them as you can imagine with 15 ages 11 and younger. Most of them were tired, hungry and just wanted to play. Plus we're taking the pictures around 1:00 with the bright sun. The only shade was from our neighbor's tree although that didn't make enough. Sarah was crying the whole time, Levi was pouting (typical), Cole was grouchy, Cai was blown out by the sun, and Miriam's big bow makes it look like Tate is wearing a bow tie. But at least we have the memories!
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
Also attempted to take a family shot since Craig was at work when I took the Easter portraits. We can't seem to get everyone to look at the same time. Plus I'm not liking how fat my face looks in these.
Also snapped some of Daddy & PawPaw with the kids. When PawPaw went home after church, he changed into clothes to match us. LOL!


Kristal said...

Oh I cannot imagine getting that many children to all look at the camera. Maybe you guys should just start doing back pictures!

Jenn said...

With that many children you will NEVER get them all doing just what you want. :) I love the picture. It is fabulous!!! I also like your header. Looks great!