Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday Celebrations

Sunday, Luke & Cameron were able to demonstrate one of the drills that they've learned in Bible Drill this year. Although they're not old enough to participate in the competitive drill, Mrs. Audra still allowed the younger ones to participate in the demonstration on Sunday morning. Of course, Luke is doing really well since he can memorize really easy. But Cameron is doing real considering his age. He still has trouble holding the Bible so he can flip through it...might be because he's left handed.

On Sunday, we wrapped up our WAK program for this semester. WAK is a program dedicated to teaching how to kids to worship through the creative & fine arts whether it be singing, drama, playing an instrument, dancing ahem...movement, or drawing, etc.
I had the preschoolers demonstrate really quickly the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" and we played the rhythm stick fast & loud, and soft & slow. Only got one shot of them since I was in charge and was trying to finish up so I could go see Luke & Cameron's demo.
The older kids (Grades 1-6) did a dramatic reading, sang some songs, did some choreography and sign language, and then finally got to play the boomwhackers!
Afterwards, Craig presented the kids with the first annual WAKky awards based on candy names. Of course, Luke got the Nerds award and Cameron got the Kisses award for being the class flirt.
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