Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cole’s Party

I spent the week after VBS getting ready for Cole's 1st birthday party. He had a patriotic all-star party on Saturday, July 2nd.
Cole shares his birthday with Tate so Luke wanted to sing to Tate too. Abram's birthday is a couple of days later so Cameron wanted to sing to Abram too.
After Craig lit the candle on Cole's cake, he tried to touch it and someone fussed at him so he started crying. He cried all the way through the singing of "Happy Birthday." He stopped crying when he got a taste of his cake.
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Not only did we have cupcakes & icecream to eat, but also Bomb Pops.
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After Cole had a bath to wash the cake off, it was present time. There's always lots of helpers to open presents.
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When you catch these 2 together, it usually means trouble.
After the party, Cole had some time to hang out with his "buzz cuzz", Elliott.
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Cole wearing his new backpack that Aunt Sara got him. He looked like a little turtle when he crawled around in it.

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