Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fine Arts Camp

Last week Luke & Cameron attended Fine Arts Camp at church. They learned different elements of arts used in worshipping God. On Friday afternoon, they have a parent demonstration to show some of the things that they learned during the week.

Luke learned about technology using the light board and they got to make their own slide using Powerpoint. Although they didn't learn what makes a good slide ;) The kids really enjoyed this class.

Luke was able to participate in guitar this year. I noticed that many times he was too busy trying to get his finger right for the chords and would forget to strum. Many of the kids just seem to be strumming and not moving their fingers to the chords. Remember this was only after a week so I'm still impressed how much they learn in that short amount of time.

Luke was a good sport and had to jump in a do a drama part at the last minute. The boy who originally had the part didn't come on the last day.
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Luke's class, the 3rd and 4th graders set the record for putting the verse together the quickest during the week. Each word of the verse was on an individual sheet of paper and then they had to put them in order. Here they are demonstrating it.
Cameron's class demonstrated using children's handbells.

Luke's class demonstrated using boomwhackers.

Then all the kids showed what they learned in singing class...solfege and singing "My Favorite Things".
Singing the chorus to "Jesus Loves Me" in English & Spanish

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