Tuesday, October 4, 2011

School Projects–Week 1

We’ve been reading Apologia Science Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  We actually started the book last school year, but never finished.  One of the projects last week was to create a solar system model.  We attempted to do this project.

Luke is sitting on the sun which is the size of the basketball. I'm standing where Mercury is which is the size of a small round sprinkle. (10 yards from the sun)
Next I'm standing where Venus is (18 yards from the sun). It was supposed to be the size of a red hot, but we used a lemonhead.
Next is Earth (26 yards from the sun)...also the size of a red hot(lemonhead).
Next is Mars (40 yards from the sun)...another round sprinkle.
Then we only had room to go the asteroid belt (77 yards from the sun)...represented by a bunch of yellow sugar sprinkles.
To go Jupiter we would have to go 134 yards away from our sun (the basketball). They had another scale where you could fit the whole model, although the planets weren't the right scale.

The basketball is the sun and Luke is standing at Neptune. Then I'm standing at Neptune and Luke is holding the sun.
In our history, we read about the Wright brothers and the first airplane. After reading the book, Luke noticed this billboard around town. One of the suggested art activities for our history curriculum was to make paper airplanes. We had a kit that someone gave the kids for a birthday present so I thought it was good time to use it.