Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family Bible School 2012

This year our church did family (vacation) Bible school again.  We eat a family meal provided by Chef Jeremy Coco and then the parents attend the classes with the kids.  This year’s craft was to make a family banner.  There were a couple of suggestions on how to make the banner: a family tree, hand prints, silhouettes, family crest.  All of the fabric was donated to the church by a local interior decorator. 

I originally wanted to do the family tree because the example one was pretty.  However, Daddy and Miriam were the first ones to go into the craft room.  So they decided to do the handprint option.  Originally they were given some fabric that was more earth tones, but then the teacher told Miriam she could use whatever color she wanted.  So by the time I got to the craft room, we had 2 pink hands and 2 blue hands.  I had to come up with something that would coordinate with these colors. 

Here's an example of someone's handprint banner and the mock-up of what I decided to do for ours.
Photobucket Photobucket
The theme for the week was Family Traditions with the the motto "Wisdom from the past, strength for the present, hope for the future." Since PawPaw & ZeeZee came I decided to incorporate the theme into our banner. To represent the past, PawPaw & ZeeZee traced their hands and we made a heart for Daddy's mom, and eventually we'll trace Paw's hand to complete it. For the present, Craig and I traced our hands and for the future, we traced the kids hands. They also had extra fabric so they said that I could make a tree one if I wanted. The 3 leaves on the top left represent Daddy and his parents and the ones on the top right represent me (Mommy) and my parents. Then the little leaves at the bottom represent the kids. Here's our completed banners and a picture of the kids with their shirts on. We decided to hang the tree banner in our living room where it coordinates with the colors of the room and the other banner will be hung upstairs in the playroom.
These are some pictures that were taken by someone at church during the week.

Group shot on the last day
Cole and his class
Miriam and Levi/Micah's classes listening to the Bible stories
Levi & Micah's class
Cameron's class playing "hot potato"
Luke & Daddy discussing something in their class


Stephen M. Young II said...

I love you both. I am inspired by your family. Your children are beautiful and your pictures are great. Miss you much.

Stephen Young

Tracy said...

Very cool!!!