Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cousin Carolyn’s visit

Carolyn came to visit us the weekend of July 12-14th. She hasn't been to Baton Rouge since 2007.

First stop on Saturday was at Rue Beignet for some beignet fingers and chocolate milk.
 photo 4x6-0613895_zps00d6e7ff.jpg  photo 4x6-0613868_zps80d1b8e2.jpg photo 4x6-0613869_zps8292898c.jpg photo 4x6-0613872_zps83a42554.jpg  photo 4x6-0613875_zpsb39b27f1.jpg photo 4x6-0613877_zps5bed2a7d.jpg
Then we headed to the Purple & Gold Sports store to buy Carolyn a LSU shirt because we were going to spend part of the day on LSU's campus. I told Miriam that they could get matching ones.

Next we headed to the LSU campus. First stop was at Mike the Tiger's cage. I wanted to take Carolyn to some places that she had been with her mom when they visited in January of 2006. Her mom passed away in August of 2006.
 photo 4x6-0613897_zps800bf763.jpg photo 4x6-0613921_zps27bf5ed5.jpg photo 4x6-0613930_zps56f6f29e.jpg  photo 4x6-0613929_zpsd48db774.jpg photo 4x6-0613898_zps8c0cb6dd.jpg photo 4x6-0613935_zps8a519474.jpg
Then it was up the hill to go to the indian mounds. Some tried rolling down them but weren't very successful, but they had fun running up and down them.  photo 4x6-0613946_zps0bd40d81.jpg photo 4x6-0613947_zpsd91ecb4f.jpg photo 4x6-0613949_zps0b3e5ab8.jpg photo 4x6-0613952_zpsc89c544a.jpg  photo 4x6-0613968_zpsba88d17b.jpg photo 4x6-0613969_zps872b4f69.jpg photo 4x6-0613982_zps601804ca.jpg photo 4x6-0613994_zps2896c06b.jpg  photo 4x6-06131003_zpsf88574bf.jpg photo 4x6-06131005_zps0cbffcc7.jpg photo 4x6-06131010_zpsc0ae498d.jpg photo 4x6-06131011_zpsdb04d9a4.jpg
Then we walked over to the Memorial Tower and played on the live oak trees behind Thomas Boyd where ZeeZee used to work.
 photo 4x6-06131058_zps0ebcc09a.jpg photo 4x6-06131015_zpsdc83cd8b.jpg photo 4x6-06131017_zps001b7210.jpg photo 4x6-06131057_zps7701f1b1.jpg  photo 4x6-06131052_zps6e9d7556.jpg photo 4x6-06131019_zps6def9d8f.jpg photo 4x6-06131021_zps2d8a1c8e.jpg photo 4x6-06131041_zpsc3895ab1.jpg
Next we headed over to Walk-ons for lunch and to cool off from the heat. We wanted to take Carolyn here because it's one of our favorite restaurants because they serve the kids' meals on frisbees.
 photo walkons_zps7563c0b9.jpg photo walkons2_zpse327739a.jpg
I wanted to take Carolyn to the Baton Rouge Zoo too because this is another place she went with her mom. We were just going to play on the playground and ride the train. Unfortunately the train was out of service, but that was better because we didn't have to spend any extra money. We got into the zoo free with our zoo membership.
 photo 4x6-06131060_zps84a5d62b.jpg photo 4x6-06131061_zps03cf88d1.jpg  photo 4x6-06131069_zpsf408ae50.jpg photo 4x6-06131067_zps81f6a3ec.jpg  photo 4x6-06131072_zps66a70a30.jpg photo 4x6-06131073_zps392a45df.jpg  photo 4x6-06131076_zps34b09a49.jpg photo 4x6-06131075_zpse6aea129.jpg photo 4x6-06131082_zps3d2939fb.jpg photo 4x6-06131080_zps9076befb.jpg  photo 4x6-06131096_zps8e436629.jpg photo 4x6-06131084_zps7ced3adf.jpg photo 4x6-06131110_zpsfa4abf3d.jpg  photo 4x6-06131087_zps1782a12a.jpg photo 4x6-06131092_zpsd4898bf9.jpg  photo 4x6-06131106_zps123aa743.jpg  photo 4x6-06131111_zps2cc64f78.jpg photo 4x6-06131113_zps97e0d7d8.jpg photo 4x6-0713003_zps1d9517d1.jpg photo 4x6-06131114_zpsd8a150a2.jpg photo 4x6-0713006_zps98455589.jpg  photo 4x6-0713002_zpsa4ce49e1.jpg photo 4x6-0713004_zps9973a1c5.jpg photo 4x6-0713007_zps2b4a431f.jpg photo 4x6-0713010_zps0a1fba97.jpg  photo 4x6-0713012_zpsa9057c88.jpg photo 4x6-0713015_zps5788d8e9.jpg photo 4x6-0713027_zps756b489c.jpg
On the way home, we stopped off at the State Capital for a quick visit. Unfortunately, it was closed so we couldn't go to the top.
 photo 4x6-0713080_zpsb584480f.jpg photo 4x6-0713077_zps92d3977e.jpg  photo 4x6-0713031_zps1002d643.jpg photo 4x6-0713029_zps8e105139.jpg photo 4x6-0713075_zps696f59b8.jpg  photo 4x6-0713066_zps44ec9250.jpg photo 4x6-0713053_zps388937a6.jpg photo 4x6-0713069_zps083d52c7.jpg
Finally, we made it home to go swimming at our neighbor's pool around dusk.
 photo 4x6-0713089_zpsbeffd449.jpg  photo 4x6-0713141_zps19f15bc5.jpg photo 4x6-0713137_zpsef201bf5.jpg photo 4x6-0713112_zpse358e7b8.jpg photo 4x6-0713133_zps9a0fd03b.jpg

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