Thursday, May 29, 2014

BCH Homeschool Forum

On Thursday, May 29th Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers hosted a homeschooling question & answer forum.
 photo 4x6-0614342_zps55f11fd9.jpg photo 4x6-0614345_zps5672f68e.jpg photo 4x6-0614351_zps1d4f19ad.jpg  photo 4x6-0614346_zpsbf50fb3c.jpg photo 4x6-0614347_zps1ae8fa70.jpg photo 4x6-0614348_zpsad7cfcd0.jpg  photo 4x6-0614349_zpsa37baf02.jpg photo 4x6-0614344_zps7ad1e2fe.jpg photo 4x6-0614350_zps8ec01e66.jpg  photo 4x6-0614352_zps91214b89.jpg
Thankfully, one of our moms was able to record the event for those that weren't able to attend.

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