Friday, October 17, 2008

Port Hudson

Today we went to the Port Hudson Historical Site in Zachary. They were putting on a FREE homeschool day (well Craig said it wasn't free, because our taxes paid for it)

The first thing they did was to demonstrate how this big cannon was shot.

Luke & Cameron prepare for the big boom
But Levi & Micah had no clue what was about to happen


We went to 7 different demonstration stations around the site.

1st station - Cooking Demonstration - we got to sample some sausage and biscuits
(the biscuits were cooking in the dutch oven)
Miriam & Cameron running to the next station

2nd station - Battlefield Surgery
Grace, Hannah, Daniel & Luke were picked to be wounded soldiers.
Grace was shot in the head, Hannah in the stomach, Daniel in the leg, and Luke in the arm.

Grace, Hannah, and Luke were told that their injuries were too serious so they were just put to the side and given some whiskey and a cigar and told to enjoy the rest of the life.

Daniel was the only one who would be operated on. Here the surgeon is demonstrating how a soldier would be knocked out with chloroform before his leg was amputated.

and here's his amputated leg!

Levi & Miriam in the stroller during one of the demos

3rd station - 6 lb cannon demo
This cannon could shoot up to 1600 yards. That's 16 football fields.

Luke, Craig & Cameron in front of the cannon

4th station - Musket demonstration
Cameron showing me the bullet

5th station - spinning and weaving
Craig said this was the one that he found the most interesting
She told us about different fabrics and natural dyes.
Look what I caught Miriam doing while we were supposed to be listening to the demo

Aww, Levi Bevi

Levi catches a ride to the next station

This is how Micah spent most of the day

6th station - town ball
This was similar to baseball and was invented in Massachusetts.

AJ volunteered to pitch; Christine and Katie Faith are on 1st base and Luke is batting.

7th station - burial site
I didn't get a picture of this for some reason. It was starting to rain by this time. However, we were thankful that we got through all the stations before it really started to rain.
In the museum was a computer where you could type in your last name and it would print out names of people who fought in the Battle of Port Hudson with the same last name.
There were 16 Lindsays and 8 Stanfords.
Afterwards, we went to LeBlanc's Restaurant in Zachary to eat lunch. This is a place where Craig used to go eat when he worked for Rosemount.

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