Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treating

We went "trick or treating" with our friends the Ragsdales for Halloween. We normally don't go "trick or treating" but we weren't able to go to Boo at the Zoo or the LSU Boozar this year.

We decided to dress at Star Wars characters since we already had the Darth Vader mask and light sabers.

We're not really sure what Levi was...either a jedi in training (youngling) or Obi Wan. Obviously Miriam was Princess Leia and Luke was Luke Skywalker. Micah was an ewok and Cameron was Darth Vader.

Here's "Pwincess Weia" (as Miriam says it) shooting a gun.
Princess Leia is pretty tough...just like Miriam.

The Darth Vader mask didn't last long on Cameron...then we said he was the evil emperor.

Since Cameron didn't want to wear the mask, I became "Darth Mommy"

Notice Princess Leia's "cinnamon" bun. We used the rope belt from Craig's bibical costume. Thanks to Aunt Laura who got it to stay in her hair all night without it falling out.

Here's Micah...the ewok

Gotta love those eyes!

Eventually, Levi understood what was going on.
He kept pointing to all the houses that had lights on.

Here's what we based Miriam's dress and hair after

A sleeping ewok

The Ragdales were characters from the Wizard of Oz.
Allie was the Scarecrow, Courtney was Dorothy and Eli was the Tin Man.

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sherry said...

The kids looked really cute! Great job on the costuems. I espcially like the ewok! :)