Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Star Wars figures

The Shelby boys taught Luke & Cameron how to line up the Star Wars figures on the beams of the swing set and shoot them with their Nerf guns. This is what they were doing this morning.

I thought this one looked cool...it looks like his light saber is almost glowing.

Cameron setting up R2D2 and Luke
C3PO is falling off at the bottom of the picture...can't you just hear him complaining :)

Yoda looks so cute just sitting there...Miriam actually posed him like this
Now Luke put them on the ladder
He got Anakin...see the bullet to the left
Again....I caught the bullet in action...it's about to hit Anakin...Do you see it?
Anakin got knocked off and C3P0 fell over

Cameron has R2 standing upside down :)


Amy said...

Two of my boys "accidently" brought home one of the minature light sabers and gun home the other day. I have them the next time we see you!

Michelle said...

Cool pictures! I love Star Wars!

Jenn said...

Cute game!!

Tracy said...

GREAT pictures....you've come a LONG way Baby! hee hee, cute game too!

Mary said...

Very neat pictures!

Taryn said...

Great shots and a neat game!

Anonymous said...

My kiddo's love lego's and star wars. Have you ever checked out God tube? They have all these silly lego/star war figures fighting and some set to music. My boys love it!