Saturday, March 21, 2009

Working on the roof

Today Craig and my dad (PawPaw) finally fixed the barn roof that was damaged during the hurricane.

Craig coming down the ladder
carrying shingles up the ladder


taking the shingles to the top
Craig calls me the mamarazzi instead of the paparazzi...
he says I'll take a picture of anything...LOL!


Tracy said...

LOL...I LOVE it! Mamarazzi!

Amy said...

Mammarazzi is cute!! A good one from Craig. We need to get together besides a party with lots of people there. It looks like Rob is getting closer to getting the house ready for us to clean up and put on the market!!!:)

Max Boughner said...

It's good that both of the people working are equipped with safety gear. Repairing the roof is risky and people working on them should be extra careful! Btw, are they really good in repairing everything? They should've called someone who could help them more. Nature's destruction can also be prevented once the experts have repaired the roof. Hmm. But it seemed like they have put enough effort in repairing it! How's the barn roof now, btw?