Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday in Houston

On Saturday, we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Levi catching a ride with Uncle Chris
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We got to see dinosaur bones and some dinosaur displays.
dino bones copy
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In the chemistry section, there was a wall of the periodic table of elements.  Within each square was an example of that element. 
Of course, there was nothing in the radioactive ones!
table of elements copy
Trying out some of the experiments in the chemistry section
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Daddy & Miriam watching a movie about chemistry
4x6-0110 853 
Anytime there’s a map the boys have to check it out!
4x6-0110 886 
This pendulum was one of the neatest attractions.
4x6-0110 888 4x6-0110 887
It hung from a 60 foot cable from the top of the ceiling.
4x6-0110 890 
It only knocked down one pin while we were watching.
4x6-0110 894
There were also some taxidermy displays.
4X6-0110 918
This little guy was cute.  I said he was a cajun racoon…but the more I think about it…he would just be called a “coonass”….pardon my french!
4X6-0110 925
They also had a section dedicated to malacology…which is the study of mollusks.
4x6-0110 935 4x6-0110 936
This is the world’s largest snail shell.
4x6-0110 937
After we left the museum, we walked toward the reflecting pond at Hermann Memorial Park.
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4x6-0110 9454x6-0110 9524x6-0110 970 
The girls on our way home
4x6-0110 972 4x6-0110 974 4x6-0110 973
When we got back to Uncle Lee & Aunt Lauren’s, baby Grace was all snuggled up in her car seat sleeping…so cute!
4x6-0110 980
Baby Grace sitting with Uncle Craig
4x6-0110 982

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Sure does look cold down there - great pictures of the museum.