Monday, January 25, 2010

Upward Basketball Game #2

At the beginning of each Upward game, the kids run through a tunnel and they announce the names of the team with each kids’ name being announced.  Then they pray before the game.

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For this game, they got colored wristbands to know who they were supposed to guard.  As you can see in some of the pictures, Luke had a taller boy guarding him which is good for him to learn.  He got upset in this game but still made it through.  It helped that he made finally made a basket.
4x6-0110 1343 4x6-0110 1346
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4x6-0110 1372 4x6-0110 1373 4x6-0110 1374 4x6-0110 1375
Good game!
4x6-0110 1380
4x6-0110 1381 4x6-0110 1382

Enjoying his snack afterwards
4x6-0110 1390
You can tell how much Micah enjoyed it!
4x6-0110 1376

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