Thursday, February 25, 2010

Audubon Insectarium – Bug Appetit!

There was an opportunity to sample some bug recipes:  southwest wax worms, crispy cajun crickets, cinnamon bug crunch, and some cookies with bugs on top.  Every one in our family tried at least one.  Tate didn’t like his cajun cricket so he gave it to Micah.  That’s why she’s making a funny face in the first one.  Amy & I tried the cinnamon bug crunch.  Miriam ate a cookie and went back for more bugs. Micah wanted more later because everybody was eating something.

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4x6-0210 906 4x6-0210 907 4x6-0210 926
Do I have to eat it?
4x6-0210 9204x6-0210 921
4x6-0210 912 4x6-0210 923 4x6-0210 909 4x6-0210 924    4x6-0210 916 4x6-0210 918 4x6-0210 911
4x6-0210 919 4x6-0210 925

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