Monday, February 28, 2011

Miriam’s Birthday

Miriam's birthday was low key. We had homemade pink donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast. ZeeZee brought her a little goody bag at lunch time that had a "fake" flower, some cute flower sneakers, a birthday tiara, and a gift certificate for a girls day out shopping with lunch. On Thursday, I took her for her checkup at the pediatrician. Dr. B was trying to get her to talk and she was asking her about her birthday. It sounded so sad because she asked her if she had a party or was having one...she didn't answer. She asked her if she had cake, cookies, or cupcakes for her birthday and she said no. We're going to do a birthday celebration when Aunt Laura & Uncle Eric can come in.

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Maria Black said...

Wow she looks just like her Momma! Abigail doesn't turn 5 until September, but she has been in party planning mode since last November. Happy Birthday Miriam!