Monday, March 14, 2011

Miriam’s birthday celebration

Saturday, we (Mommy, Miriam, Micah, Aunt Laura, Aunt Sara & Cole) went to the mall for a girls' day out in honor of Miriam's birthday. We waited to do this until Aunt Laura could come in town. First we went to Claire's and we picked out some jewelry and a purse. Then we went to a nail place that had a pedicure chair just for kids. She got her nails and toenails done. Afterwards, while my toes were still drying she was able to play on the playground for a little while. Then we went to eat lunch at BJ's Brewhouse. ZeeZee bought her lunch and she got to pick whatever she wanted. She chose mini corndogs, smiley face fries, and Sierra Mist. Since it was her birthday, they brought her a pizzookie for dessert.

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