Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last Upward Games

Saturday was the last basketball games.  It was “Paint Your Face” day.  We just used temporary tattoos instead.  For Luke’s team, I got Cincinatti Bearcat ones and for Cameron’s, I got Minnesota Timberwolves ones.

Photobucket I decided just to capture some video for these games. They both played really hard teams so I didn't get any of them making a basket. However, Cameron got fouled and shot these free throws. It was his last shot of the season. The next period he sat out. After their game, Luke's team had a celebration at McDonald's. The coaches awarded them with trophies, but more importantly they passed out nice little ESV Bibles. The coach told them that they could return them to Lifeway if they already had a Bible. I tried to get Luke to return his since he already has an ESV one, but he wanted to give his new one to Levi since he didn't have one. Photobucket

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