Friday, June 24, 2011

Trinity VBS - Friday night

Last weekend was VBS at Trinity Baptist (the Shelby's church). I helped Amy out in the kitchen area while my kids attended.

Here are some of the decorations that were around the room.  The theme of the VBS was Hidden Treasure.   
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This was really the area that I was responsible for decorating. The chest was my grandfather's and I had all the mardi gras beads at my house. My mom had given me a box of them that she found on the side of the road to use for crafts, etc. I made the palm tree out from a tree we used at our homeschool Thanksgiving celebration and the "sand" quilt was mine as well.
Micah & Sarah hanging out underneath the table before dinner
On Friday, we start off with a sandwich/finger food supper. I made these treasure map quesadillas for supper to go with our theme. Amy & I were responsible for snacks on Friday night. We served root beer floats & caramel corn.
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Levi, Cameron, Abram, Miriam & Emma enjoying their snacks.
Painting treasure chests for their craft
Luke's class after craft time
Luke's class playing a game
Thanks to Pastor Dale for sharing some of his pictures.

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