Saturday, November 19, 2011

4th Annual Homeschool Thanksgiving Celebration

On Thursday, we had our 4th Annual Homeschool Thanksgiving Celebration at our house. We had around 100 people for this event. For some reason, I didn't take many pictures although I felt that I walked around alot getting glimpses of everyone participating. I guess I was just tired from preparing for the event. So here's a little glimpse of the event.

Thanksgiving info station - Ms. Amanda did a great job preparing for this station. She kept asking for more time to finish her presentation for the kids.
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Cupcake Turkey - Thanks to Mrs. Tiany who made all the cupcakes so that the kids could decorate them like a turkey.
We also had these make-a-turkey sticker sheets for them to do after they completed their cupcakes.

Placemat weaving - Mrs. Rachel prepared all the strips of paper for the kids to use for this activity.
Butter making - The kids each took a turn shaking some heavy whipping cream which eventually turned to butter. Mrs. Allison did a great job talking to the kids about how animals have jobs on the farm. She even brought some of her chickens for the kids to see. One of the chickens even laid an egg while she was at our house. Amy brought some wheat berries and freshly ground flour for the kids to see where bread comes from. For some reason, I took the most pictures at this station...must have been the fresh butter and homemade bread that made me stick close!
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Corn station - Mrs. Laura did a great job presenting information about the different types of corn and the different uses of corn. She even grew some of her own corn to show us and she made some popcorn for the kids to snack on during the presentation.
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Thanksgiving craft station - The kids made this "Give Thanks" craft from Oriental Trading.
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After all the stations were completed, it was time for our feast.
Check out Amy's pictures from the celebration.

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