Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WAK Parent Demonstration

Back on Sunday, November 11/20 we had the parent demonstration for WAK (Worship Arts for Kids).  This is similar to a recital where the kids demonstrate the skills that they’ve learned during the semester.  The preschoolers went first and definitely were the most entertaining.

Demonstrating whether a note was high or low
Playing rhythm instruments - fast and slow/soft and loud - Miriam beat her block so hard that she broke the head off of her stick. You can see it flying in the last picture.
Singing a song and keeping steady beat with clapping, stomping, patching, head bobbing, and sticking your tongue out
Marching to the steady beat
Lastly, their favorite song - The Beetle Song - crawling like a beetle and then flying away!
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The older kids read a dramatic reading, sang songs with and without choreography, and kept a steady beat with rhythm sticks.
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