Monday, January 2, 2012

Monroe Christmas 2011

The Thursday before Christmas, we drove to Monroe to celebrate Christmas with Daddy's family. We picked up cousin Carolyn on the way in and she spent the night with us at Paw's house. Thursday night we ate dinner and then the kids got to open their gifts.
Carolyn & Miriam with their panda bears from Granny, Miriam with her gift from Paw
Micah with her Pumba from Granny, Miriam with her "happy napper" named Elizabeth from Uncle Chris. She named her Elizabeth after Aunt Sara's friend because they both have a lot of spots (aka freckles)
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Levi & Luke with their trucks from Paw, Luke with his game set from Uncle Chris
Uncle Chris gave the kids "happy nappers" because he works at Walgreen's and this was the hot item for the year. Uncle Chris is holding his gift from Aunt Sara, a book titled "The Practical Napper" which proves he's a "happy napper".
I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures of Cameron and I think Cole was napping during the unwrapping process.

I didn't take any group shots of the kids while Carolyn was with us so when we dropped her off on Friday night we took a quick picture in the van.

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