Monday, January 23, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Friday night, a group of my homeschool mom friends took me out to dinner at P.F. Chang's. This was my 1st time going there and it was really good. My fortune for the evening was perfect, but I don't think it was very quiet with this group of ladies!
Photobucket Photobucket
Tiany ordered me the great wall of chocolate cake so I could blow out some candles. After dinner, we headed to Starbucks to get some coffee and eat the king cake that Allison bought for me. Thanks Allison...we missed you!
It was such a great time of food, fun and fellowship with great friends that we stayed out till midnight! Thanks Amy, Tiany, Candy, Rene, Chantelle & Becky!

On Saturday morning, Luke & Cameron had basketball games. Afterwards, we went to George's for lunch with my mom and Sara. Then Saturday night, Craig and I went out to dinner at J. Alexander's with our pastor & his wife and another couple from church.

It was a great weekend and I received some awesome gifts!

Thanks Tiany for the "C" cup and the plaque, and for the cake & coffee! Thanks Mom for the Burt's Bees collection and Dad thanks for the money! I'm going to use it to get my mani/pedi hopefully before the baby comes! Thanks Gina for the lavender candle. Sara mentioned that it was a wood wick and would make the crackling sound of a fire when lit. I look forward to using it.
Thanks Sara for the buttered rum candle. It smells just like cake and makes me hungry! I might have to hide the Junior Mints and wait till after the baby comes to eat them. Thanks Daina for the "C" cup and the family picture frame. I'm already using my cup trying to be good about drinking my water!
Of course, my favorite gift was from Craig. I collect Willow Tree figurines although it's been a while since I've recevied one. He bought me the Willow Tree "Roses in My Garden" collection. It comes with a reliquary which holds the "Roses in My Garden" figurines that represent the children in your family. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Inquisitive child represents Luke. Caring child represents Cameron. Joyful child respresents Miriam. Imaginative child represents Levi. Spirited child represents Micah. These characteristics describe those children pretty well.  Two together is not part of the "Roses in My Garden" collection nor does it represent our kids perfectly since we don't have twins. But the one with his hands to his face represents Cole and the other one represents the new baby that is coming soon.


Tracy said...

What a great birthday! I love the cabinet....if you have more chicldren, you will just have to get another cabinet! :)

Magnolia_Mom said...

Love Tracy's comment. Looks like a wonderful birthday.