Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baton Rouge Zoo Fieldtrip

Last Thursday, we had a fieldtrip to the Baton Rouge Zoo with the Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers. Here is a picture of our group before starting. This was the first fieldtrip where we've had our t-shirts.
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I took a picture of this egret because that’s the logo on our shirts.
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This was the scheduled part of our fieldtrip to attend the Ed-Zoo-Cation Program “Web of Life.” The children were able to learn about 4 different animals (chinchilla, blue-tongued skink, screech owl, Madagascar cockroach) and pet them if they chose to.  (I was feeding Melody during this so some of the kids took these pictures).  After the talk, they were able to look at different skins and bones of animals.
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After lunch, it was playtime!
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The “Buzz Cuz”, Elliott, loving on Melody.
Cole enjoying the slide…although it was a little hot.  That’s why he’s lifting his leg in the last picture.
We were glad that Aunt Sara, Aunt Laura & Elliott were able to join us for the fieldtrip to celebrate Luke's 9th birthday.


Amy said...

Great pictures!!! The Logo picture would be good for the side bar or something on our group blog. It turned out really good.

Tracy said...

FUN! The shirts look great and so cool. Y'all have really grown in the last few years. Always loved that zoo!