Friday, March 30, 2012

Melody’s Sip & See Brunch

On Saturday, March 17th my Sunday school class hosted a "Sip & See" Brunch for Melody. Thanks Mrs. Harvine, Genedi, Kyla, and Marcia! Thanks Amy for taking the pictures since I forgot my camera.

Some of the decorations - a picture of Melody, some pearls, a tea cup, a picture of Craig's MawMaw Pearl. Mrs. Harvine gave me the frames and the tea cup to keep. (She also gave me some tea cups for Miriam & Micah too.)
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These little "cupcakes" are made from baby socks - which she also gave me to keep.
Some of the yummy goodies
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Tracy said...

How sweet! Love the "Sip & See" and the sock cupcakes!