Friday, May 18, 2012

LSU Baseball Game

Sunday after church we headed out to the LSU baseball game with our friends, the Coopers.  They have never been to a game before and it was the last home series game.

We watched an inning or 2 when we first got there and then we got some lunch and lets the kids play on the playground. That's one good thing about baseball. It's pretty kid friendly and they have 2 playgrounds within the stadium.
Then we went and stood in the standing room only section for a while to get out of the sun and cool off. This area puts you a little closer to the action.
During a changeover, the grounds crew came out and stopped for a minute from their job and did a dance for the crowd.
Back to the playground for a little while
Then back to cool off and watch the end of the game. Mrs. Daina was nice and bought them some popcorn to share.
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After the game, the kids got to run the bases. Sorry it's kinda blurry Craig didn't know how to focus the video. Notice that Micah gives up half-way around and Luke eventually has to go get her.

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