Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Big Finish

I’m about a month behind on my blog posts.  On Friday, June 1st, the kids performed their camp musical “The Big Finish.”  Luke’s role was a race car driver named Pierre Bastille and Cameron’s role was Uncle Fred who was a sponsor for one of the racers.  Levi was a palace guard in his dance, but Miriam didn’t have a specific character for hers.

Luke flexing his muscles in the opening scene
Singing and doing choreography
Cameron in his scene as Uncle Fred
Miriam in her dance to “Show Me the Way to Go”
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Levi in his dance to “If You Want to Win”
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Luke in his scene as Pierre Bastille
Luke singing his solo and choreography to "To Win is Not Enough"
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Micah watching and singing along
Group photos after the show
Annual photo with Bro. Phillip

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