Thursday, June 7, 2012

Playday to the Baton Rouge Zoo

Last Tuesday, we went on a playday to the zoo with Miss Sherry. The oldest 4 were at camp so it was a good activity to do with the younger ones.
While waiting for others to get there, Micah enjoyed playing in the mist fan, Cole explored under the trees and Melody hung out in the stroller.
Once people got there, we rode the train. Melody stayed with Miss Sherry while I rode with Micah & Cole.
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It's also fun to play in the world fountain.
The new tiger area is awesome!
Caution Baton Rouge!
Turtle, Giraffes, and Giraffe Bokeh!
All Micah wanted to do was to see the "mingos". She wanted to take her picture in front of them. She had a little trouble standing like one!
Checking out the giraffes
After lunch, we headed to the playground area to play.

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Tracy said...

VEry cool on the new Tiger exhibit! I always loved their Giraffes and LOL on Micah's "Mingo