Saturday, October 13, 2012

ISO Flag Football 2012–Game 3

Luke's game was 1st at 9:00. The picture on the right is typical of Luke during the game. He's always telling his teammates where to go. It's hard to tell if he's being helpful or bossy!
I love this picture that Coach Ron took of him kicking. I missed this with my camera and another example of Luke telling his teammates the play.

Miriam and Madison holding up Madison's sign for the Patriots.
At 10:30, Cameron and Levi played and Micah cheered.

Most of the time while I watched Cameron's game he played quarterback. After each play, he would go back to Coach Jason and get the next play. He was a little upset after their offensive drive because his teammates couldn't catch the balls that he was throwing.
Levi played a good game again...pulling flags and scoring touchdowns! Daddy was even impressed by his moves.
Oh and then there's Micah & Cole. Micah had an attitude before she went to her team and I didn't watch her cheer much. She went to the bathroom at the beginning and then I moved to watch Cameron's game. She was cheering at Levi's game. Cole...well being the typical 2-year old...he threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the field after Luke's game.

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Kristal said...

That Micah shot is hilarious!!!