Saturday, May 25, 2013

Levi & Micah's Tennis Party

On Saturday, May 25th, we had a tennis party to celebrate Levi's 6th and Micah's 5th birthdays. The theme of the food was French because the French Open was starting the next day.
 photo 4x6-0513427_zps8585692f.jpg photo 4x6-0513428_zps88b112f7.jpg photo 4x6-0513431_zps41091474.jpg
Pretzel nets, cheese balls, and chocolate tennis balls
 photo 4x6-0513393_zps3150e276.jpg photo 4x6-0513399_zps1fb29c39.jpg photo 4x6-0513394_zpscd3faae2.jpg
Eclairs and french fries
 photo 4x6-0513395_zps2de75f7e.jpg photo 4x6-0513398_zps78cbbe1b.jpg
French cookies and French toast sticks
 photo 4x6-0513396_zps28988120.jpg photo 4x6-0513397_zps303b36fb.jpg
Mini quiches, meat & cheese tray, French dip sandwiches (roast beef & cheese), French bread and French fried onions to go with the French onion soup
 photo 4x6-0513400_zps7d1b94a4.jpg photo 4x6-0513401_zpsdc0fc6ce.jpg photo 4x6-0513402_zps8f4d5078.jpg photo 4x6-0513403_zps1a3e60e9.jpg
Crudites (vegetable tray), nuts & dried fruit, strawberries/grapes/crackers to eat with the brie cheese
 photo 4x6-0513404_zps93a04f24.jpg photo 4x6-0513405_zps48e2a73b.jpg photo 4x6-0513407_zpsc1009d41.jpg
Praying and singing "Happy Birthday"
 photo 4x6-0513408_zpsddbef7c8.jpg photo 4x6-0513412_zps917c180b.jpg photo 4x6-0513413_zpsc7b3e1e5.jpg photo 4x6-0513415_zps7f93dc61.jpg  photo 4x6-0513416_zps872bd3af.jpg photo 4x6-0513417_zps31fb0f2b.jpg
Enjoying the cake & cupcakes
 photo 4x6-0513423_zps5f6f7eb4.jpg photo 4x6-0513424_zpsebd14849.jpg photo 4x6-0513426_zpse89b8182.jpg
Thankful for my friend Sherry who took these pictures during the party.
 photo tate-jack-cam-ian_zps37ce71e8.jpg photo miriam-micah-emma_zpsc6b93648.jpg  photo luke_zps55c80cf8.jpg photo levi_zps5447cbea.jpg photo cole_zps8ab8e479.jpg photo elliott_zps73f64d82.jpg photo melody_zps13f7850c.jpg

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