Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Louisiana Regional Airport field trip

On Tuesday, May 21st, we had a field trip to the Louisiana Regional Airport in Gonzales. First, Ms. Janet talked to the children about general aviation.
 photo 4x6-0513290_zps6adcbdac.jpg photo 4x6-0513153_zps3a453624.jpg photo 4x6-0513158_zps160aedaa.jpg
Showing us a map of all the airports in Louisiana and Micah the birthday girl
 photo 4x6-0513161_zps1937b0e3.jpg photo 4x6-0513163_zpsd1e5812f.jpg
While we were there, someone was learning how to fly a helicopter.
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Mrs. Janet asked the children to look for differences in the planes (wings, tails, propellers, etc).
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She explained that the letter N in the aircraft registration number designates that the plane is registered in the United States.
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A couple of planes took off and landed while we were there.
 photo 4x6-0513177_zps54bf10ea.jpg photo 4x6-0513159_zps16f48f46.jpg photo 4x6-0513243_zps4bb0156b.jpg
The equipment that they use to determine the flying conditions. They can call in at any time to get the conditions.
 photo 4x6-0513179_zps8597cdd0.jpg photo 4x6-0513180_zpsa1a16891.jpg photo 4x6-0513181_zps163fae18.jpg photo 4x6-0513182_zps312ccbae.jpg photo 4x6-0513183_zps40a4abff.jpg photo 4x6-0513184_zps6a392864.jpg
She explained to us the different parts of the run way.
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Next, Mrs. Karen showed us her plane  photo 4x6-0513207_zps85fa37b1.jpg
and how to check the gas level and if there was water in the gas.
 photo 4x6-0513208_zps247f3b1f.jpg photo 4x6-0513209_zpsc057fd2d.jpg photo 4x6-0513210_zpscab09d02.jpg photo 4x6-0513211_zps3a08c09f.jpg photo 4x6-0513212_zps6b9de4b9.jpg
Then everyone got a chance to sit in the plane.
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Before heading back inside, we got to check out the planes that were in the hangar.
 photo 4x6-0513283_zpscb0828ea.jpg photo 4x6-0513284_zps6d6e3029.jpg photo 4x6-0513285_zpsf660f181.jpg
Mrs. Karen was nice enough to have snacks for the kids after the tour. The drinks were especially appreciative since it was really hot this day.
 photo 4x6-0513286_zpsf6cf4add.jpg photo 4x6-0513288_zpsee372883.jpg

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First I love that Shelby kid with his wrist strap on the camera!!!!

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Third. Great Field trip!