Friday, December 13, 2013

Audubon State Historic Site Colonial Christmas

On Friday, December 13th, we attended the Audubon State Historic Site Colonial Christmas Homeschool Day.

First, we toured the Oakley House.
 photo 4x6-1213197_zpsd36f3977.jpg photo 4x6-1213204_zpsfadb21f4.jpg photo 4x6-1213207_zps0006add1.jpg photo 4x6-1213210_zps9b5c0f87.jpg
Then we split into groups and rotated through different stations.

Station 1 - Taffy pulling
 photo 4x6-1213213_zpsba54dbeb.jpg photo 4x6-1213216_zps5ae14870.jpg  photo 4x6-1213217_zpsaafe9795.jpg photo 4x6-1213218_zps6ba00c5b.jpg  photo 4x6-1213219_zpsfa617ede.jpg photo 4x6-1213220_zps7bf64948.jpg photo 4x6-1213223_zps2eb48030.jpg photo 4x6-1213226_zpsea2ca6a2.jpg
Station 2 - Christmas traditions - He explained where some of our Christmas traditions come from such as wreaths, Christmas trees, poinsettia, jingle bells, and candles.
 photo 4x6-1213230_zpsc64e4c5c.jpg photo 4x6-1213232_zps456c8232.jpg photo 4x6-1213233_zps825a0163.jpg photo 4x6-1213234_zps81f85a07.jpg
Station 3 - Christmas story (The Night before Christmas) with Mrs. Claus
 photo 4x6-1213235_zpsef4ac602.jpg  photo 4x6-1213238_zps5493ccfa.jpg photo 4x6-1213239_zps0365cb51.jpg photo 4x6-1213240_zpsba26c1c8.jpg
Station 4 - Fire Starting
 photo 4x6-1213241_zpsaa77c8bf.jpg photo 4x6-1213249_zps5e8c64ae.jpg photo 4x6-1213251_zps1b9740d2.jpg photo 4x6-1213252_zps988ad4df.jpg
Station 5 - Wassail
 photo 4x6-1213253_zps7e24f0ec.jpg photo 4x6-1213254_zpsb3e6be28.jpg  photo 4x6-1213257_zps153cb925.jpg photo 4x6-1213256_zps4806ff7f.jpg photo 4x6-1213255_zps33535d46.jpg
Station 6 - Revolutionary War Soldier
 photo 4x6-1213258_zps8006d2f6.jpg photo 4x6-1213259_zpsd1a8c72a.jpg
Station 7 - Colonial Hunting
 photo 4x6-1213260_zps752a29d5.jpg  photo 4x6-1213261_zpsdea9a592.jpg photo 4x6-1213262_zpsffe16d16.jpg photo 4x6-1213266_zpsb4dca789.jpg  photo 4x6-1213270_zpsa9b8f247.jpg photo 4x6-1213271_zps0cec6cf6.jpg photo 4x6-1213272_zps175de7c7.jpg  photo 4x6-1213284_zps012c8b0e.jpg

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