Monday, December 16, 2013

Final Gymnastics Class at CG’s Gymnastics

On Monday, December 16th, the girls had their final class at CG’s Gymnastics. The homeschool class will be starting at a new gym in January. Micah's teacher was out sick so the classes combined and they had a fun Christmas party day.
 photo 4x6-1213318_zpsf081151c.jpg photo 4x6-1213321_zpsb8a7f739.jpg photo 4x6-1213322_zps1228e72d.jpg  photo 4x6-1213324_zps8fae3793.jpg photo 4x6-1213317_zpsc3435301.jpg  photo 4x6-1213325_zps2bc76066.jpg photo 4x6-1213326_zpsfeeb2b10.jpg photo 4x6-1213328_zpsf2f3031e.jpg  photo 4x6-1213329_zpsf48968e5.jpg  photo 4x6-1213330_zps0358fea0.jpg photo 4x6-1213332_zps88c624c2.jpg photo 4x6-1213334_zpsd2e30f6c.jpg photo 4x6-1213335_zps69f33195.jpg  photo 4x6-1213343_zps8e99d7ea.jpg photo 4x6-1213344_zps98ae1447.jpg  photo 4x6-1213347_zps3c370b5b.jpg photo 4x6-1213351_zps6e25dd85.jpg photo 4x6-1213353_zpsfb0c7c5c.jpg  photo 5x7-1213354_zpsc27749aa.jpg photo 5x7-1213356_zpsac5171b3.jpg

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