Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Girl's Day Out

We are possibly considering a house addition that will be starting soon.  So Daddy said if we started we wouldn’t be able to have a birthday party during that time because of safety concerns.  Well that messed up my plans for a combo party for Miriam, Luke, Levi & Micah.  They have birthdays in February, March, April & May.  So instead I decided that I would just let them have a special day with one of their friends.

We took Miriam & Emma to the mall for a girls’ day out.  First, we went to the Build a Bear Workshop.  They picked out matching bunnies.
4x6-0210 1101
Time to stuff the bunnies and add the hearts
4x6-0210 1102 4x6-0210 1107
4x6-0210 1109 4x6-0210 1111 4x6-0210 1113
Picking out outfits and giving them a bath
4x6-0210 1114 4x6-0210 1117 4x6-0210 1118
Registering them and making the birth certificate
4x6-0210 1122 4x6-0210 1123
Dressing them
 4x6-0210 1126 4x6-0210 1127
4x6-0210 1128  4x6-0210 1125
Miriam’s is Sunny Bunny and Emma’s is Hunny Bunny.
4x6-0210 1130 4x6-0210 1134 4x6-0210 1138

4x6-0210 1140
At Claire’s we got best friends necklaces for them.  She’s holding her birthday present from Aunt Laura…new earrings and an earrings holder
4x6-0210 1141
Lunch at Chick-fil-A…they both got their own kids meal
4x6-0210 1152 4x6-0210 1154
Riding the carousel…Emma was scared at first but she ended up liking it & wanted to ride again
4x6-0210 1155 4x6-0210 1166
4x6-0210 1157 4x6-0210 1158 4x6-0210 1159 4x6-0210 1164
She picked out the sugar cookie with sprinkles for dessert and we sang Happy Birthday because Emma wanted to.
4x6-0210 1169
All dressed up with her birthday stuff and the party favors.  She’s looking in her purse for some money so ZeeZee gave both of them $1.
4x6-0210 1171 4x6-0210 1172
Heading back down stairs
4x6-0210 1174 4x6-0210 1178
I needed to return some stuff at Gymboree & while we were there they found this mirror and Aunt Laura took some pictures of them.  4x6-0210 1180 4x6-0210 1181 4x6-0210 1186 4x6-0210 11874x6-0210 1188 4x6-0210 1182 4x6-0210 1185    4x6-0210 1189 4x6-0210 1190
Watching a video that was playing in Gymboree
4x6-0210 1192
Aunt Laura needed to get some mascara from Estee Lauder.  The sales lady said that birthday girls get free lip gloss.
4x6-0210 1198 4x6-0210 1199 4x6-0210 1200 4x6-0210 1201 4x6-0210 1203 4x6-0210 1207
Micah even got some
4x6-0210 1205
Saying good-bye
4x6-0210 1209
On the way home
4x6-0210 1213 4x6-0210 1214 4x6-0210 1217

Amy’s pictures of the day


knit1kids4 said...

It looks like such a fun day!

Tracy said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday Miss M.!