Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

On Saturday at Luke’s basketball game, the theme was “Crazy Hair Day.”  Here are some of the pics we took before we left for the game. 4x6-0310 285 4x6-0310 301
4x6-0310 302 4x6-0310 304
4x6-0310 287 4x6-0310 288 4x6-0310 310
4x6-0310 292 4x6-0310 311 4x6-0310 290
4x6-0310 286

 4c6-0310 313

4x6-0310 312 4x6-0310 306


Laura said...

So did it all wash out before church Sunday?

Tracy said...

Awesome!!!! We used to do that fore every game at Upwards. But we were known as the REBELS! LOL

Amy said...

What a fun Mommy!