Monday, March 22, 2010

Upward Basketball Game #8

Luke's final basketball game was 2 Saturdays ago, but I'm just getting around to posting the pictures. During the 2nd half of the game, my camera wouldn't auto focus. I don't know if I accidentally hit the AE-L button or some are a little blurry! We were thankful that he was able to play, because a couple of days earlier we found out that he had the flu. But he wasn't running a fever on Saturday so our doctor said it was fine for him to play as long as he wasn't running a fever.

  4x6-0310 487 4x6-0310 491 4x6-0310 4974x6-0310 492 4x6-0310 493 4x6-0310 495 4x6-0310 496  4x6-0310 498 4x6-0310 500 4x6-0310 501 4x6-0310 503

4x6-0310 531

4x6-0310 499 4x6-0310 507 4x6-0310 508 4x6-0310 511 4x6-0310 513 4x6-0310 514 4x6-0310 525 4x6-0310 529 4x6-0310 530

 4x6-0310 532 4x6-0310 533 4x6-0310 534 4x6-0310 535 4x6-0310 536 4x6-0310 537

4x6-0310 542

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