Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Celebration

Last Thursday, we had our 2nd annual Homeschool Thanksgiving celebration. I think the total head count was 97 people…who said homeschoolers are not socialized? 

Gathering to pray before we start
4x6-1109 874 4x6-1109 873

The children rotated to 6 different stations: Thanksgiving info, butter making, turkey necklace, oreo turkey/indian headband, pumpkin cleanout/thanksgiving tree/Thanksgiving stamps & stencils, and picture frame.

Thanksgiving info – Mrs. Micki read them a Thanksgiving story and even did an indian corn craft with them!

4x6-1109 973

Making butter – Mrs. Starr showed them how to make butter with heavy whipping cream.  She also explained how she makes bread from wheat she grinds.  Afterwards, they got to try some homemade bread with the butter they made.  Yum!

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4x6-1109 1003

Turkey necklaces - Mrs. Tiffany helped them make turkey necklaces and then I took everyone's picture to put in their picture frame.

4x6-1109 876 4x6-1109 910 4x6-1109 931  4x6-1109 889 4x6-1109 908 4x6-1109 909   4x6-1109 913 4x6-1109 1051 4x6-1109 10364x6-1109 1032

4x6-1109 879 4x6-1109 965

4x6-1109 932 4x6-1109 940

4x6-1109 964 4x6-1109 1004
4x6-1109 948 4x6-1109 921

 4x6-1109 1024 4x6-1109 1022 
4x6-1109 951 4x6-1109 952

Oreo turkey - Mrs. Gina helped them make oreo turkeys and then they made indian headbands real quick!  The best part:  getting to lick the chocolate icing off their knives.

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 4x6-1109 1046

  4x6-1109 977 4x6-1109 9784x6-1109 961 4x6-1109 962 4x6-1109 975   4x6-1109 979 4x6-1109 980 4x6-1109 1007 4x6-1109 1008 4x6-1109 1035 4x6-1109 1044 4x6-1109 1009 4x6-1109 1012 4x6-1109 1011 4x6-1109 1010    4x6-1109 1043 4x6-1109 990

Pumpkin station - Mrs. Candy told them about how a pumpkin grows and they got to dig seeds out of a pumpkin, then write what they were thankful for and hang it on our Thanksgiving tree, and make pictures with Thanksgiving stamps and stencils.

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4x6-1109 1072 4x6-1109 1073

Picture frame - Mrs. Tiany instructed them how to decorate their picture frame. They used markers and foam stickers to decorate with. After lunch, I printed their pictures to insert into their frame.

 4x6-1109 904 4x6-1109 905 4x6-1109 1005
4x6-1109 934

4x6-1109 935

Afterwards, we had a big Thanksgiving feast. We filled up 2 tables and an island with food...there was so much to choose from!

4x6-1109 1068 4x6-1109 1067

Some other shots from the day 

4x6-1109 882 4x6-1109 883 4x6-1109 884  4x6-1109 942 4x6-1109 946
4x6-1109 982 4x6-1109 1019

4X6-1109 1020

4x6-1109 936

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 4x6-1109 1069


Tracy said...

Looks like a fun time and great pictures Candi!!!

Sorry, we missed it!

Zelda said...

I am thankful for all the home school Moms and their kids that are friends with Candi and my G-Kids! God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and looks like so much fun. My homeschool group is so boring

Tiany said...

Great pics!!(Love your camera)

I really like how wide your blog is so you can fit the pictures in nicely too.

Thanks for sharing and thank you for opening up your home to us!

Jenn said...

What a great and fun time it was!!! You got some awesome pictures girl!!! You looked like a pro walking around with that camera and awesome flash.

Micki Talbot said...

Hi Candi! Thanks so much for opening up your home to us! We had lots of fun! I enjoyed looking at the pictures :)