Friday, September 25, 2009


This week in our Tapestry of Grace study we learned about the rise of Islam.  One of the suggested activities was to make a scimitar (a traditional curved sword).  This is very representative of Islamic culture.  Many Islamic countries have this symbol or the crescent (scimitar) moon on their flags


I used this picture to print out a template to make our scimitars out of cardboard.  Then I had them color them gray with a marker.4x6-0909 1987 4x6-0909 19884x6-0909 19904x6-0909 19914x6-0909 19924x6-0909 1996    4x6-0909 1989

When explaining it to the kids, I told them it was like the swords they have in Aladdin...of course I thought of a Disney movie as my example!


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He's got a sword! You idiots... we've all got swords! :)