Friday, September 11, 2009


So the day after I got my new camera, Amy had her baby which meant I had 12 kids 9 and under in my house. Here's a little bit of what we did that day.

They watched Toy Story 2...just so I could get some peace & quiet!
Getting under the blanket to watch the movie

Sticking her finger in her mouth because that's what Emma was doing

There's a little bit of mischief in her eyes!

Curled up

Sarah with her blanket

Levi playing in the toy closet

The 3 little ones playing in the's funny Levi is either with them or the 2 bigger girls...poor thing he's "stuck" in the middle of 4 girls


Doesn't it look like they're doing something wrong?

Want a book?

Emma with her "DD"

Levi "calling" someone


Levi Bevi

Smart girl...carrying that book around


It looks like she's trying to get back at Sarah

Levi kept following her around calling her "My Sarah"

Curly Micah


Who you talking to? I want to talk.

After nap time, they went back outside to play

Upside down Emma

Sarah "biting the bullet"...not really :)

Luke & Tate throwing the frisbee

Beating Micah with a bullet

Now she's eating the bullet! Is she trying to hide the evidence?


Tracy said...

Fabulous shots!!! So bright and clear! :)

I KNOW I don't have to ask if it was on the highest and largest quality...right!?

Are you uploaded you images straight to blogger or using Flickr or photobucket? I can't remember?

Anonymous said...

You had lots of subjects to try that camera out on! Congrats on it!

Jenn said...

YEAH on your new camera!!! I know you have been wanting one!! I am so excited for you.

Taryn said...

WOw, great shots!!! Amazing what a new and awesome camera can do for the quality of your images! Love it!

Laura said...

I LOVE the Micah "What?" shot! I'm excited you finally got your camera! :) Can't wait til next week!!!